Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Olympic breakfast anyone?

Bikepest writes:

On Monday 23 July, early rising Crossfields residents will have the chance to glimpse from their windows the Olympic torch as it starts day 66 of its 70 day odyssey around the country.

Lewisham’s first torchbearer will leave the Laban Centre at 7.20am and take in key (!) Deptford landmarks on its way to Tooting Bec common. From the Laban, the torch heads north onto Creek Road to go west with the rush hour traffic, then turns left down the High Street and left again onto Giffin Street (and its brand new square), past the Deptford Lounge. It then turns right onto Church Street, passing the Bird’s Nest and Lewisham College before heading to the Steven Lawrence Centre and onwards to Lewisham High Street.

What’s less clear is who Deptford’s torchbearers will be. Though the names of the nominated individuals and some details are online (see www.london2012.com) the time slots are not revealed. Nor is it clear whether they are actually local residents, though all the Lewisham runners are described as living in London.

But Seb Coe can’t pull the wool over the eyes of your Crosswhatfields editorial team. Through painstaking research (OK it was just a chance discovery – ed.) we have established that at least one Lewisham torchbearer actually lives across the river in Newham. We’ve no objection to this, but clearly it would be more meaningful if torchbearers had some relationship with the community that hosts them. If you can cast any light on any of the local nominees, let us know so we can campaign for a Deptford-based torchbearer to represent us. That might, at least, make it worth getting out of bed for.

Check out the Olympic Torch Relay map online.


  1. Wow! We need to have a BIG BREAKFAST!!!

  2. Ho, ho, torches fetching £150K on E-bay...