Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deptford High Street update – and a new high street star!

A small exhibition has opened today at the Deptford Lounge to let folk know what Lewisham council has planned for the entire borough. Entitled Regenerating Lewisham, there are information sheets to read on all the major developments, including four pertaining to Deptford that cover Deptford Town Centre, Deptford High Street, North Deptford and Convoys Wharf.

You can also read all about it on the council's website's Regeneration pages, or pop over to the Deptford Dame's recent post about Deptford High Street improvements. Included in the plans are new paving, improved parking, and the long overdue return of a Town Centre Manager. The Dame also writes that the exhibition at the Deptford Lounge will run until 1st April, and members of the regeneration team will be on hand to answer questions on Wednesday 28th March (11am–4pm and 6.30–7.30pm).

Frankham House residents may be interested to look on the council's Regeneration pages at the plans (not included in the exhibition) for the old Tidemill School site, which involve demolishing much of Giffin Street and Reginald Road (residents will be rehoused), and building a new residential quarter on the Tidemill site including the conversion of the existing school buildings. With rumours abounding, Frankham residents may be relieved to read they are not due for demolition themselves.

Meanwhile, may we introduce you to the latest star of Deptford High Street:

Harry (or is it Harriet) Herring Gull has been entertaining the shoppers for a few weeks now. His/her favourite spot is outside "myFish", opposite Lobo Sea Food Stores and Fish Bros Pawnbrokers. The guys at myFish occasionally throw him a sprat, hence he is now a frequent (and extremely patient) visitor. Best view of this large bird's antics is with a cuppa in the front window of Bianca's caff.

Harry's mate watches and waits on the rooftop opposite...
The population of Herring gulls has declined over the past 25 years and over half of their UK breeding population is confined to fewer than ten sites. This scavenger therefore has Red Status (see the RSPB website). Birds falling into the red category are of the highest conservation priority. This may explain why Harry wears a ring on his right foot.

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  1. Harryette does take his/her red status seriously - last time I saw herhim he or she was standing on a letter box as I walked past, close enough to have my ear out. Luckily I don't need a herring aid.