Monday, November 14, 2011

Public meeting #2: Tue 15 Nov: Don't Dump on Deptford's Heart

Come and hear about Thames Water's 'Super Sewer' plans for the green area between Crossfield St and Coffey St on Deptford Church St.

Don't Dump of Deptford's Heart
Tuesday 15 November
Salvation Army Hall, Mary Ann Gardens SE8 3DP

Thames Water is also staging public exhibitions all over London as part of its Phase Two Consultation, but they have already declared the area next to St Paul's church as their preferred site (see the Deptford Dame's report) in this area. They will be in Deptford later this week (see below).

Those concerned with the implications of Thames Water choosing the site in Deptford Church Street and how it will affect us should attend the first meeting tomorrow being held by the Don't Dump On Deptford's Heart campaign, so that you are better informed when you visit the Thames Tunnel exhibition at the end of the week.

Thames Tunnel public consultation
Thursday 17 November
Friday 18 November 
Saturday 19 November 
Creekside Discovery Centre, Creekside SE8 4SA
24hr helpline: 0800 0721 086

All comments and views must be submitted by 10 Feb 2012, after which Thames Water will formally submit their application for consent to construct the Thames Tunnel.

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  1. I can't be there but I'd be very interested to learn about the archaeology of Thomas Archer's St. Paul's Rectory on the site. Also whether there is risk to changes in the water-table by the deep tunneling that could affect this archaeology or even the foundations of St.Paul's Church or the Nicholas Hawksmoor churchyard walls. A site immediately adjacent to a working GI listed church, and a GII listed railway viaduct, within the context of a conservation area and close to one of London's Gii* listed earliest terrace houses doesn't seem like a great idea. What does the Georgian Society think?