Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I remember when Crossfields was just fields...

Top: Late resident Sue Godfrey in Greenwich Park (Moore or less...)
Bottom: Sue Godfrey in the nature park named after her with the old South East London school behind.  

Well, obviously I don't, none of us go back that far.  But it must once have been true.  Even more recent times get forgotten too.  Many residents on Crossfields - those who have lived here for many years or who have family who lived here before that - will have already forgotten much of what it was like to live in the area back in the day.

An email that arrived in the Crosswhatfields inbox last week might give us a chance to catch some of those memories before they disappear for good.  Goldsmith's University student, Anna Merlini, is doing her anthropology dissertation on on memory and geography in New Cross and Deptford and is hoping to get in touch with local residents who would like to share their recollections of everyday life in these areas. ''Involvement in the project would entail taking part in short conversations about personal memories, commenting on old photos of the neighbourhood, or creating a memory map.''

Anna has asked us whether any of our blog readers would like to participate in the project.  And she is happy to collaborate with the blog so that residents' tales don't disappear onto a library shelf in academia but remain accessible to present and future Crossfielders.

In her words:

Do you live in New Cross, Telegraph Hill or Deptford?

I am a BA Anthropology student at Goldsmiths College, writing a dissertation on memory and geography in New Cross, Telegraph Hill and Deptford. 
I am looking for local residents who would like to get involved in my project, taking part in informal, short conversations about their memories and recollections of everyday life in these areas.

If interested, please contact me at 

Of course, Crosswhatfields would be equally pleased to receive emails which we will pass on to Anna. Or if you prefer, you can simply tell us your tales in the comments box below.

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