Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fire brings traffic to standstill for eight hours

The A2 either side of Deptford Bridge station was closed just after midday today as the fire brigade arrived to tackle a fire at the buildings on the parade next to the DLR station. The road was closed off and traffic quickly became gridlocked, with queues stretching to New Cross Gate, Surrey Quays and throughout Greenwich and delays of up to two hours.

There were six engines (from Greenwich, Forest Hill, Lewisham and Old Kent Road) dealing with the blaze – but strangely, most of the time only one hose was trained on the fire, which is reported to have been brought under control by around 4pm. The road remains closed this evening.

Update 8/10/11: Road remains closed. Traffic still utterly congested at peak times, not helped by the closure of the top of Creek Road where traffic is diverted via Norman Road due to Southern Gas works. How fucking long does it take to find a gas leak?

Also, how long does it take to put out a fire in a narrow town house with six fire engines.

Plus: who owns the building? Is it the same owner as next door who already had a fire earlier this year and lost their upper floor and roof?


  1. This is the second fire in this block, right opposite the new hotel/flat complex. That block is in major need of development...I don't know but something doesn't add up to these localised fires. I'd be interested to see the cause of it this time.
    Also I could hear the traffic all the way down new cross road, ridiculous!

  2. Unbelievably dodgy. I thought these places belonged to Lewisham College, bought out when they were going to get the government money to build a Richard Rogers building before the government computer said NO. Would love to know. Has anyone the time and money to access the land registry?

  3. Are these just terrorist tests? Are we being tested for next year? That's actually a comforting thought, but I seriously doubt it.