Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crossfields Tenants & Residents Association AGM

Crossfields TRA had their AGM on Thursday evening. It was a slightly shambolic meeting due to the unruly nature of Crossfields folk and the absence of the Chair who had only that day announced his resignation via a letter to the vice chair and the repairs rep. Although we are unable to disclose here the reasons for his resignation, we are sure everyone who has known Hugh Johnson in his role as Chair of Crossfields TRA will want to thank him fondly for his work on their behalf.

Elections took place under the patient and firm guidance of Lewisham Homes' Community Involvement Officer, Joy Burnett, with some help from Gloria Biggs, Administrator for the Lewisham Tenants Fund, resulting in some new faces on the committee. The new Chair, Castell House resident Tim Wilson, hopes to bring about some changes that will spark up new interest in the work of the TRA and pride in the estate, and welcomes all Crossfields residents (tenants and leaseholders alike) to the next meeting on Thursday 24th November.

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