Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Slices' Cafe Pizzeria opens tomorrow

A welcome new addition to the south end of the high street and situated next to Codfathers, Slices is a new 'cafe pizzeria aiming to offer freshly prepared food at reasonable prices'. It will be quietly opening tomorrow from 8am to serve coffee and tea. We're told pizza won't be on offer till later in the day.

We peaked a look through the door windows yesterday and spied the chefs working on getting things ready. They are also looking for barista/waiting staff – if you have previous experience see here.

We wish them good luck.


  1. Just had a really excellent pizza in slices. I will be going back. Definitely recommend!

  2. Excellent pizza, the best i have tasted. They make the whole thing fresh and it shows!!!
    Good luck will definately come again.

  3. for me it takes 3 visits to tell if place is good or not, I have been in slices 3 times and every time it was better. You can do pizza in 2 ways : bad way or good way. And chefs in slices knows what they do with food (I had chat with one of them-the tall one , and I like the way he talks about food, you can hear passion and knowledge). I am from Italy, and we are crazy about food there, and I am so happy I can eat good pizza, and ... polenta and foccacia -it is so great and cheap. The only one thing I do not like it's opening hours, I am working till late, and only on weekends I have opportunity to go there. Good luck Slices. I will be back.

  4. Tried the bus,the deptford project but Slices is far the best place to eat pizza and pasta in Deptford.
    As a local,this is a big thing for Deptford.
    The Chef peter seems to know the ins and out of this business having spent a few ocassion talking with him.
    i thoroughly recommend SLICES