Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lewisham Homes "Get Involved" fuck ups...

"Get Involved" Fuck Up #1 - Window Boxes

We posted back on April 25th that there would be two days (13 & 14 May) when Crossfields residents could avail themselves of a Window Box Kit – one of the winning ideas in last year's round of the Lewisham Homes' Community Improvement Competitive Fund.

The first two days advertised were already postponed, and now it seems so are the latest dates (today and yesterday) seems someone forgot to book the venue. We hoped to hear from those concerned that an alternative venue had been found, but alas no answer...we may be wrong, but it looks like the people being paid to help out in the deal were the ones to fuck up, not those volunteer residents whose idea it was in the first place.

A few communication problems, but hopefully there'll be good notice to all when the days are finally fixed.

"Get Involved" Fuck Up #2 - Litter Bins

Meanwhile, another 'winner' of the Lewisham Homes' Community Improvement Competitive Fund contacted this blog in April to have a moan about how his idea had not reached fruition. His idea was to increase the number of litter bins in the north of the estate – around the Nature Park area. He had written to Sue Asquith (Community Liasison) to find out what was happening. Sue wrote back to say that LH were concerned that the initial quote for the extra litter bins "was of a concern as they may not be durable enough for potential use and concerns over vandalism". LH had therefore "contacted the main LBL supplier of litter bins for a quotation."

That quotation has finally come in and it's a bit of a shock to the Crossfields resident whose idea it was...JP says "I don't know what you think but I feel that these prices are ridiculous. At a time when libraries are closing and cuts are hurting, I feel that I've initiated a time and money wasting project; what do you think ? N.B. You may remember that I spent a couple of hours with Will Sharp [community officer who has now left] siting these bins and now it looks like it will have to be done again."

Without so much as a by your leave, JP has been told the bins have been ordered and what price they will be. Originally, JP had been informed the bins could be furnished at £50 per unit. But now the job has gone to Glendales at a quote of £454 per unit and with 5 units, it's a total cost of £2270. Versus JP's winning bid idea that he was told was going to cost £500.

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  1. Well I wonder if my previous comment will appear on here eventually? In case not the window Box Day will be going ahead and everyone from the estate will be welcome to come along and pick up their free window box kit. We are waiting for The Creekside Centre to confirm our requested date. So keep yr green fingers at the ready!