Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas on Creekside

If you're looking for unusual Christmas presents, your local artists and designers are showing their wares this weekend. Chances are you can't afford it. But if you're looking for even one special present and don't want to go far to find it (or haven't already ordered it online and don't rate the post office's chances of delivering it) check the Deptford Art Map to find out who's open when. Lots of private views Friday evening 6-9pm at Art Hub (5-9 Creekside), Cockpit Arts, APT, Creekside Artists (Building A, Faircharm), Core Gallery, don't have to go far.

The Faircharm Fair opens on Saturday and Sunday in Building A at Faircharm Estate, 11am-7pm (Sat), 11am-5pm (Sun)...promising a hotch-potch of all sorts...

If the Deptford Art Map leaves you cold, just wander up and down your road and see what's open, there's sure to be a warming welcome somewhere whether you're spending or not...

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  1. Does anyone know why cockpit were charging people £3 to get in at the christmas fair? I'm not being facetious I just want to know the reason.