Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Australia loses to small European country

Yardie yardie yar


  1. The England performance on Boxing Day led me to post up a festive song...

    On the first day at Melbourne my true love sent to me

    12 balls for Watson

    11 Aussies cussing

    10 runs for Ponting with...

    9 working fingers

    8 for 77!

    7 for 77!?

    6 for 77!!!

    5 no balls....

    4 each for the swingers

    3 stumps still standing

    2 batting sessions

    And they still couldn't knock up a ton...

  2. small European country? hehe. Britain controlled a third of the entire globe, including Australia! That said, England played very well and thoroughly deserved to win.

    But I wonder if those English supporters will want to put their clothes back on and go back home to freeze their bums off.

  3. Yes, Hels, England's performance far exceeded anything most of us long-suffering England cricket followers had dared hope for. It's been so long since the team played well in Australia. I don't even care about Sydney now - I've had all my Christmas presents now!