Thursday, July 22, 2010

A chance to live in the heart of Greenwich cultural quarter....

Thanks to Darryl over at 853 for spotting this.  Theatro, the new development on Creek Road near Deptford Church Street is having an open weekend on Saturday and Sunday, 24th & 25th.  If you contact Union Developments - ''We're more (dishonest) than just a pretty façade'' - reserve an apartment on their open day then for a year they will pay your:
• Mortgage (interest only)
• Service charge
• Ground rent and utility bills

Among the attractions that this [yawn]''state of the art''[/yawn] apartment block offers is  a chance to live ''in the heart of Greenwich cultural quarter''  which is all the more remarkable for being in SE8 and only 60 metres from Deptford Church Street. And if by ''cultural quarter'' they mean Rose Bruford Drama College that inspired the Theatro name, or the Laban or the scores of artists working on Creekside, then it has nothing at all to do with Greenwich. Or are we to understand that Greenwich is so starved of a cultural quarter that they have to steal Deptford's?

And, miracle of marketing miracles, you'll only be ''Located moments from Greenwich town centre.''   Time travel is clearly so much easier for estate agents. 

Though curiously, if you look at the transport links bit, copied below, you'll learn that Deptford Station (not listed by name but as Deptford High Street) takes 10 minutes to walk to.  Greenwich Station, however, is only 6 minutes walk.  Why would it take 10 minutes to walk under half a kilometre when it only takes 6 minutes to walk over a kilometre?  Could it be that they don't want people to know that the nearest station is Deptford?  We'll have to brush up on our quantum mechanics before we can fully understand the relativism of space and time in Estate Agents minds...

Docklands Light Railway
Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich (5 minutes walk)
Greenwich (6 minutes walk)
Deptford Bridge (4 minutes walk)
Railway Stations
Greenwich Railway Station (7 minutes walk)
Maze Hill Railway Station (15 minutes walk)
Deptford High Street (10 minutes walk)
 Green route to Deptford Station (450m), blue route to Greenwich (1106m).


  1. Misrepresentation seems to be a major theme on this site...and Union Developments look sure to do that on their site.
    I wonder what the service charges are, and what the catch is with them paying utility charges. It looks like an incredible deal...and 100% mortgages to boot! It gives the impression they want real people to live there, not buy-to-letters...ha, ha, ha...

  2. Surely Deptford Station hasn't been built yet

  3. 100% mortgages? Done by a private funding company.....There are no banks offering 100% so where is the catch. Massively overpriced property by any chance?

    I would be interested to know if this breaches the Property Misdiscriptions Act by trying to sell it as Greenwich. Particularly by stating the walking times to the station as they have done.

    These people have no shame.

  4. These properties are in Deptford, but they are also in West Greenwich. If they think the latter will increase interest then why not promote it? Anyone selling anything would push the pluses to get a higer price. Would you rather vacant unsold properties left derelict?

  5. Lord Pipple PappleFriday, July 23, 2010

    I think some people have got far too much time on their hands. Why don't you get a hobby.

  6. A well made point. I mean the original post, not Lord P. P.

  7. Esatate Agents lieing? Isnt that a bit like what Bears do in Woods?

  8. Oh and Lord Pipple Papple.. this IS some peoples hobby..... obviousley

  9. Union are more dishonest then you will ever know but such a shame nothing can be done about it. Developers like this only build to shaft good working people of their hard earned cash.