Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trees for Deptford Broadway

As the news goes round about the TfL consultation on their long overdue proposals for junction improvements at Deptford Broadway (see previous post), the idea of bringing trees into the equation has surfaced and is gathering wide support.

A local architect has unearthed early drawings for the Seager Distillery development which were submitted to Lewisham Planning in its initial stages some years ago. This visual was used to sell the scheme to the Planners and shows trees planted in the central reservation.

The scheme was later "value engineered" by a different architect to create a cheaper-to-build version of the development, and any mitigation to locals such as trees on the north side of the development was lost – perhaps in favour of the new ball courts and improvements to Brookmill Park on the south side. It may even have been difficult at the time to get TfL on board.

The idea has already found traction with up-and-coming Deptford MP Vicky Foxcroft and the Brockley Society (who have a 'tree group' with experience of getting funding for new trees).

Such an idea would probably have to go through Planning, but if TfL are looking at improvements here, then they need to be brought on board because it is their land. One of their proposed improvements is to remove the brick walls on the central reservations on the A2 and Deptford Church Street, so how much harder is it to put in some trees while they're at it? (See the proposals here).

If you think it's a great idea, and you haven't yet completed TfL's online survey, do so now and add to the comments section that you'd like to see some trees on this busy junction (as well as pedestrian signals on every crossing) and why not trees on Deptford Church Street's central reservation too? The consultation ends 12 December.


And look out for further news of how you might support what may become a worthwhile campaign...


  1. I'm all for more trees, but not in the middle of a road - they don't make good crash barriers when cars hit them and can prove fatal. Also leaf shed will cause traction and slippage issue on the surface for cars leading to increased emergency breaking distances and pedestrians being hit.

    1. Very valid points, Anon. The campaigners would need to be looking at planting evergreens perhaps? As for the crash barriers, presumably you'll be commenting on the proposal to remove the walls. TfL seems to be removing these all over London – God only knows why!

  2. Let's not get too worried about trees and loss of traction, please. This is not an issue where there are trees on Creek Road, nor on Blackheath Hill, nor in areas such as Holland Park, nor the entirety of Paris. Come on! Deptford is the birthplace of the idea to green the streets of London. It was John Evelyn who first proposed it in the late 1600's. Isn't it time we gave it some traction as an idea. This junction is for pedestrain and vehicles alike. Let's welcome people into Deptford with a shimmer of happy leaves, not a wall of crash negative barriers. Green the Church Street too.