Saturday, November 1, 2014

TFL Consultation: Deptford Broadway junction improvements

For 30 years or more, locals have been risking their lives to cross the road at Deptford Broadway – because one of the busiest junctions in London has never had signalled pedestrian crossings.

Hopefully, that is now about to change, with proposed junction improvements now in consultation. The objective of Transport for London's proposed scheme is "to improve crossing facilities at the junction, enabling people to cross the road easily and safely". Hallelulah! Why has it taken this long?!!!!

The Consultation opened yesterday and runs until 12 December. You can state your views by completing the online survey.

Read the proposals here. There are several points relating to parking restrictions and cycle paths, but the main improvement is this:

•    New signalised pedestrian crossing facilities on the north, west and south sides of the junction. A signalised crossing on the east side was considered, but rejected on the grounds of junction capacity and low pedestrian flows.

We think that they should have signals for pedestrians on ALL the crossings!

Cyclists may also have comments to make. And one local has pointed out that a tree-lined central reservation was promised as part of the Seager Distillery redevelopment. Whatever happened to that?

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  1. Where is the grening scheme? Trees to make it almost pleasant to walk through.