Thursday, July 17, 2014

More roadworks!

These roadworks at the Giffin St junction opposite Castell House started on Monday. Traffic is presently reduced to a single lane on the southbound stretch of the dual carriageway.

What are they for? We asked the foreman. He told us they're putting in a cycle lane, adjusting the position of the present traffic lights, adding a cycling waiting area to the crossing, widening the pavement (?!), taking out part of the central reservation on the south part of the junction and adding another set of traffic lights (so there will be two crossings at this junction).

He showed us his instructions from Greenwich Council which included a plan of the junction improvements and said he expected it would take about 6-7 weeks.

There's no mention of these works, however, on the Greenwich website. Nothing on Lewisham's site either, but a link to Transport for London's list of roadworks across London shows the job with a reference number, plus a start and end date (8th August – only 4 weeks).

Neither Browne, Castell or Cremer House residents have been notified of these works. During the day they'll be affected by sounds of drilling etc, and in both rush hours, a slowing down of traffic outside their homes. There may be an increase of traffic in Creekside due to rat running, which will affect other residents. A quick email to Greenwich Council's highway department was responded to with "we aim to respond to your enquiry within five working days".

The same query to Lewisham, requesting a copy of the plans, was more forthcoming but not particularly helpful: "The work is being done by Greenwich's contractor as it is part of a larger set or works being carried out, but is being paid for by L B Lewisham. I'm afraid I do not have access to the plans, the officer who is dealing with the scheme is recovering from an operation and is unlikely to be back in the office for another month."

But anyway, now you know! The consolation is that the school holidays are starting soon, which usually results in a decrease in rush hour traffic.

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