Friday, July 11, 2014

More road chaos

As usual, Creek Road is at a standstill this Friday evening, with half the traffic including large HGVs rat-running down Deptford High Street and getting impatient when forced to wait to get round the tight bend by Giffin Square, whilst pedestrians are forced to move out the way so that drivers can mount the pavement. One vehicle has even been witnessed cutting the corner by crossing Giffin Square.

As if our roads weren't congested enough already, it's about to get worse. A mobile LED display warns traffic on Deptford Church Street as it approaches the Broadway to expect delays from July 14th because roadworks will be starting at Lewisham's main roundabout.

A refiguring of the roundabout is part of the £230m regeneration project by Lewisham Gateway Developments Ltd and will go on for 20 months. Yes. TWENTY MONTHS. (See update below)

There is also consultation on the project's second phase coming up...see the NewShopper for more details.

Update 14th July:

Now signs have gone up saying "TWELVE WEEKS". It seems roadworks are being phased to "keep Lewisham moving". So expect more of the same over a 20-month period.

There's more info at the Lewisham Gateway website, aptly named (or as some are calling it, Newisham).  The transport page says: "Construction of the new road layout has been sequenced over an estimated 18-month period to help minimise disruption. While the new roads are being built, traffic lanes will need to be re-arranged and diversions put in place."

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