Monday, September 30, 2013

New Antic high street pub is squatted

Just as renovations were about to start in the old Job Centre building to prepare it for (they say) a December/January opening, squatters have moved in.

The law differentiates between residential buildings and 'disused factories, warehouse or pubs', so different rules apply. The occupiers' notice states that if the landlord or lessee (Antic pubs) want to get them out they will have to issue a claim for possession via the County or High Court.

However, should the occupiers begin to organise events that upset the residential neighbours, their occupation could come to a swift end under the amended Criminal Justice & Public Order Act...

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  1. Ironic really or at least timely, what with the Tories announcing that the unemployed will have to attend the Job Centre every day and not get any travel allowance and there's no local Job Centre any more!