Friday, September 6, 2013

Free event in Giffin Square, Saturday 2pm: Emergency Exit Arts presents Spin Cycle

After a morning by the river (see previous post) come back to Deptford High Street, grab some lunch (outdoors in Douglas Square, indoors at the Waiting Room, Deli X, Selecta, etc), and watch some street arts in Giffin Square. But not just any old outdoor arts, mind – this has something of the "spectacular" ring about it. Albany Outdoors presents Emergency Exit Arts (based in Greenwich) with their new show Spin Cycle.

Starting at 3pm (assemble at 2.30), The Albany describes the show as "combining clowning with stand-up comedy, incorporating the essence of competitive TV game shows"...Not a lot to go on, but gonna have to take a look! It's not every day there's a free show in your backyard.

The Emergency Exit Arts website tells us a lot more:

"Throughout the show the audience is guided by the Spinners, forty young people trained by EEA’s Street Arts Academy practitioners. Through audience interaction anyone can be invited to become a Spin Cycle contestant. They will be joined by members of our cast of dance and physical theatre practitioners on a journey through the streets to meet the ultimate Games Show hosted by our Spin Cycle Supremo. He will lead us in the irresistible Spin Cycle communal dance that we guarantee will be all over You Tube in an instant.

"Spin Cycle takes the form of a musical on the move that is performed on inventive mobile structures that transform and, yes, Spin Cycle does feature at least one washing machine. Our Games Show is full of humour and wit combining physical clowning from the top of a 30 foot mobile tower. Through its dark humour some difficult questions are asked of us. Inspired by the book Affluenza, the All Consuming Epidemic by John de Graaf, we’ve created a fable about waste and recovery..."

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