Monday, April 15, 2013

The anchor's temporary home...

Thanks to a tip-off from a local who watched the 'Deptford Anchor' being transported away from its mooring in the high street, another local tracked it down this morning to its temporary resting place – in a newly erected compound behind the high street. (Thanks to David for the pic)

Update: We visited the compound this afternoon and found the anchor locked into a digger. A site foreman from Maylim (the contractor working on the high street) told us it will be moved to Convoys as soon as possible since although it is worth very little as scrap, they are concerned for its safety and the security of their compound.

See our previous story on its removal.
Also see the Deptford Dame.
Plus, the Newshopper has a quote from a spokesman – "While a decision is made about the long-term location of the anchor, arrangements have been made for temporary storage at Convoys Wharf, this being one of the few places it can be stored due to its size and weight." Not so heavy that it couldn't be lifted by an ordinary JCB telehandler though!

Meanwhile, see this post from Old Deptford History to see what used to be at the southern end of the high street...the remains of which are probably still there underground.

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