Monday, April 22, 2013

Don't dump on Deptford's heart update

Oliver Seal of DDDH writes:

The application form submitted by Thames Water has been accepted by the planning inspectorate. Please see the Thames Water press release below.

What we need to do:
1) Everyone needs to register to the planning inspectorate.  You can do this online or by phone and post.  You must do this by 28th May 2013.  If you are wanting to register by post you have to start the process in time to receive the form and send it back before 28th May 2013.
2) Please copy any MPs and politicians you think it would be useful to and ask them to register in our favour
3) We must visit as many of the drop in centres as possible (sadly there is not one in Deptford) but we are fighting this.  The details of this are outlined below
4) Join our Facebook page at: I will be adding reminders of events and important campaign dates to this page.  I will also try to email too of course!
5) Watch out for a public meeting of our own that we are organising – this will be in the next two or three weeks. 

Thames Water's sham of a consultation was just the end of the beginning.  

This is our real fight so please mobilise again and tell all your friends and neighbours to get behind this.

Update 26 April: see the Deptford Dame for later but more coherent posting.


Proposed Thames Tideway Tunnel – ‘Supersewer’

Find out how to register and make a representation about the application
From today, (Wednesday 17 April 2013) members of the public are invited to register with the Planning Inspectorate and make a representation about the application for the Thames Tideway Tunnel proposal.
The Planning Inspectorate accepted for examination, the application from Thames Water Utilities Ltd for Development Consent for the Thames Tideway Tunnel (‘Supersewer’) on 27 March. The public and those interested in the proposal can register with The Planning Inspectorate between 17 April 2013 and 28 May 2013.
People can register easily online at:
Alternatively, they may call the Inspectorate’s helpline: 0303 444 5000 for a printed registration form, which must be completed and returned by 28 May 2013.

Sir Michael Pitt, The Planning Inspectorate’s Chief Executive, said.  “This is an opportunity for people to play a part in the planning process and influence the outcome. We encourage people to get involved by registering as an interested party. By doing so, people will be able to participate fully in the examination of this proposal”.
Those who register will be entitled to provide evidence in writing to support their representation, to attend the Preliminary Meeting, to request an open floor hearing and to speak at other hearings where appropriate.
To help people understand how the process works, Planning Inspectorate staff will be holding drop-in events and presentations in the local area to answer questions and explain how to register and make a representation about the application.
2 May Tower Hamlets
Glamis Estate Tenants’ Hall 414 Cable Street (corner of Cable Street and Glamis Road) E1 0AF   
10am to 7pm, 7pm to 8pm    
7 May
   London Borough of Wandsworth

Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street SW18 2PU  

10am to 5pm, 7:30pm  to 9pm
8 May
   London Borough of Southwark

160 Tooley Street SE1 2TZ   

10am to 5pm   
8 May   Southwark, Glaziers Hall

9 Montague Close SE1 9DD  

7pm to 8pm    
9 May
   London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Council Chamber, York House Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 3AA    

1pm to 7pm, 7pm to 8pm    
14 May  Greater London Authority
City Hall The Queen's Walk  SE1 2AA  

10am to 2pm, 7pm to 8pm    
15 May  London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Town Hall, King Street W6 9JU 

2pm to 5pm    
17 May  Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Town Hall. Hornton Street London W8 7NX  

1pm to 7pm, 7pm to 8pm    
23 May
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Wharf Rooms, Imperial Wharf, SW6 2PY   
5pm to 7pm, 7pm to 8pm 
The Inspectorate is not able to discuss the merits of the application at these events because this will be considered in due course by the appointed Examining Authority, at the examination.
A copy of the application together with further information about the proposal and how to register to make a relevant representation is available on the Planning Inspectorate website

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