Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Deptford colours...

From green to red: Lewisham College has amalgamated with Southwark College to form LESOCO, with new logo and branding.

From red to green: McDonnell's Racing has sold out to Paddy Power.

From grey to blue: Our least favourite ArtMongers mural has been given a make-over.


  1. I thought I'd been dreaming the change of colours outside Lewisham College. As for Mcdonell, it was red before it became green.

  2. Can send you better picture of Lewi College if you like. Its definately better in red, that green was horrible. But there are changes to come there on that corner that will make your eyes water! Dame is right about the betting shop, at least it isn't as garish as the one up the road. As for that mural, I saw the bloke up the ladder and wish he'd just painted the whole thing white or something. Are they trying to make some comment on towerblocks being like stonehenge? There might be an interesting idea there, but it's depressing and the worst mural in London IMHO but I suppose theres no money for a new and better one. Major eyesore whatever colour it is.

  3. Thanks Dame, correction made.
    Anon, always happy to receive photos.

  4. Need to add Yellow!!!