Thursday, February 7, 2013

URGENT Public Meeting & Petition: Faircharm redevelopment

UDATE 11th Feb: Please note We have now been told this meeting is only open to those who have already objected.

TUESDAY 12th FEBRUARY 7–8.30pm
Creekside Centre, 14 Creekside SE8
(opposite Holden House play area)

Lewisham Planning has organised an informal meeting between representatives from Workspace and local residents and businesses opposed to their plans for the redevelopment of Faircharm Trading Estate on Creekside. The meeting is to be chaired by Joan Ruddock.

Come and hear them defend Up for discussion will be (in no particular order):
180 construction lorries per day for three years – Creekside will become dangerous, noisy – and polluting as traffic backs up a) because it's a rat-run and b) there is parking on both sides (where will people park otherwise). Dangerous for cyclists, dangerous for children, dangerous for drivers on that blind corner.

• Only 15% affordable housing in the proposed 148 flats (so no solving the housing crisis here)
• A 12-storey tower twice the height of any present buildings, and 8-storey buildings nearly twice the height of Crossfields, blocking out sunlight to Crossfields housing on Creekside by 20%, and radically altering the environments of two established and highly regarded cultural centres on either side

Demolition causing rats, dust and pollution, and more dust, but apparently not enough to affect your child unless s/he already has asthma.

• Only 28 parking spaces for a potential 250 residents and 200 employees – Crossfields already provides free parking for Faircharm, Lewisham College, APT, Laban, Cockpit, Tidemill, high street and Wavelengths users

• A major threat to the ecological biodiversity of Deptford Creek (it all goes on at night, not under electric light)

• The colonisation of the Creek by luxury housing even though the area is one of few designated for employment (where do people go to work?)
• Inappropriate development in a Conservation Zone (what does that mean?)

The ejection of the very creative businesses whose reputations have contributed to the applicant's dubious name for its development: Faircharm Creative Quarter.
And the only thing promised to Crossfields residents is access to the Creek. This will be an area by the Creek that will be in shadow for most of the day and evening thanks to the 12-storey tower block.

Many missed – or took no notice of – the previous two presentations by the developers over the past two years. Perhaps you feel you don't have the power to stop the changes being inflicted on you. But this is your chance to say no. 

Sign the online petition HERE.

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