Monday, February 11, 2013

NOT a Public Meeting about Faircharm redevelopment

Local bloggers have been ticked off for publicising a meeting at Creekside Centre tomorrow night in which Workspace, the owners of Faircharm, will be grilled by local objectors (see previous post).

Those who have objected to the development received a letter from Lewisham Planning inviting them to the meeting. It did not suggest the meeting wasn't open to the larger public, although recipients were requested to RSVP since space would be limited.

We have been told that "there is nothing to prevent attendees at the meeting from canvassing their friends and neighbours in advance for additional questions to put to the developer". But since the invitation to the meeting only arrived last Thursday (7th February), there has been precious little time (five days) for anyone to canvas anyone else. Many invitees may be unable to attend because it is such short notice.

That is why we publicised it.

THERE IS STILL TIME TO OBJECT (see how to here), but you may find it easier to  


Residents and other businesses were sent a letter just before Christmas (17th December), asking for objections to be received by 7th January – hardly an appropriate length of time for people to respond in, or even grasp the implications of the proposed development.

The developer's own 'exhibitions' (two in two years) failed to attract much interest, and showed only possibilities that might form part of their eventual application. 'Consultation' consisted of questions like "What kind of activities would you like to see during the day and in the evening at the Faircharm Creative Quarter and along the Creekside?" No reference, of course, to the downside of the development for local people.

The nitty gritty of the proposals were only revealed after the application went to Planning in late December – and very few people were ever going to read through the thousands of pages in the application and uncover the unpalatable truths (much of which is hidden in lengthy appendices).

Despite this, around 50 people have taken the trouble to make their opposition known to Lewisham Planning, but only 6% of Crossfields residents have recorded objections. Many residents will still be unaware that there will be noise, dust and pollution – plus 180 lorry trips per day rattling down Creekside – for three years, or that they are going to lose up to 20% of their daylight when the development is complete.

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  1. Unfair and CharmlessMonday, February 11, 2013

    Faircharm tenants have been invited for 6.30pm not 7pm. Go figure...