Thursday, September 13, 2012

Parking Permit Survey

Every Crossfields resident should have received the Parking Survey letter and questionnaire sent out in August. This has been sent out a second time because the first time it didn't seem to reach some households, particularly those in Frankham House who happen to be the most bothered by the issue of parking. Some also didn't receive a Freepost envelope and there was no address to return the questionnaire to.

It was consequently discussed at a TRA meeting with some heated opposition. Some people also felt the questionnaire was asking for personal information (car ownership details) that was unneccessary in a process that claimed to be a consultation to find out whether we actually need or want a parking enforcement scheme.

Now that the survey has gone out again, we have enquired about the neccessity of providing details of car ownership, and were told it is not essential to fill in this information when returning the form.

So if you have any feelings either way about Parking Permits for the estate, please do make sure you return the questionnaire to the FREEPOST address provided by Monday 17th September, and leave that section on car registration blank if you wish.

Also see the comments section of this May blogpost where the pros and cons of a parking enforcement scheme (as enforced by Lewisham's private contractors ACE Security) are highlighted.

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