Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mentioned in Dispatches – Poundland

It seems Deptford High Street has inspired the Channel 4 Dispatches team with more than one idea for their investigations, the last one being Britain's High Street Gamble aired on 6 August (see post).

This time, our brand new Poundland will be one of many branches featured in their new episode going out this Monday (17 September) at 8pm. In Secrets of Poundland, Dispatches say:

"As other High Street retailers struggle, Poundland is booming. With a new store opening on average every five days, its pre-tax profits are up 50% in a year. In this Dispatches investigation, Harry Wallop asks how Poundland sells so cheaply, yet makes so much money."

The Dispatches team set up their own Poundland shop on Deptford High Street "to show that size matters when it comes to bargains." See the clip here.

See also the Deptford Dame's post on Poundland's arrival in our street.


  1. Load of rubbish

  2. Told us nothing - sometimes items are smaller, sometimes they are near end dates, sometimes it is cheap own made tat.

    I was expecting some groundbreaking revelation - -we already know that Channel 4 - tell us something new!

    1. 480 filter tips for a quid! Just in case you didn't know...

  3. Could have made the same documentary about almost any high street shop or supermarket, the all use same/similar techniques. It just pays to be a savvy shopper. They're many bargains and lossleaders to be had in poundland but they have to make a profit somewhere.

  4. They used the same misleading tricks they were supposedly exposing. Poundland are no angels but they are no worse than any other store - comparing their regular price with supermarkets special deals is highly misleading! Move away from food and the bargains are much greater - identical items selling for £7 in Halfords at £1 in Poundland

  5. Dispatches has a sensationalist tabloid approach – the betting shop one was even more grating. But they do have a point – all the time you're in Poundland there's a sound system telling you how much you're saving, they really try and 'pound' their message home. Iceland have been doing items for a pound (£1 ONLY!!!) forever, especially on fruit and veg, and they are NOT a bargain. It is ALWAYS cheaper to buy your fruit and veg in a fruit and veg shop. It is ALWAYS cheaper to shop around, but who has the time unless you're unemployed...

    Some odd items bought today in high street: 500g Lurpak Spreadable £2 in Iceland, £3.10 in Tesco (and not available anywhere else in high street). 5-pack of Polomints £1 in Iceland, £1.25 a tube in Tesco. Macleans Whitening Toothpaste £1 in Poundland, £2 in Tesco (but not available in the Metro Express or any other Deptford shop).