Friday, September 24, 2010

Deptford X Winners

At the opening of Deptford X yesterday evening at The Albany, the winners of the Deptford X Award and Fringe Awards were announced.

The winner of the Deptford X Award was Liz Harrison with her piece Why Birds Sing Up, which is sited at Deptford Train Station. The piece is a sound installation of bird recordings, promoting an awareness of how songbirds are adapting to their urban existence, inspired by recent scientific research into the rising pitch of birdsong and its fight to combat the noises of the city.

The winner of the Deptford X Fringe was One Week by Hanna Clark and Kit Merrit based at Unit 17 Resolution Way.

Deptford X Fringe runners up were Annabel Tilley's Drawing the Likeness of Brick at the Old Police Station and Shelly Theodore's Cafe 187, which can be found on 182 Deptford High Street.

More details at the Deptford X website.

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