Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deptford eXpectancy

I love the build up to Deptford X; there's a feeling of change and renewal, of new work to be seen or glimpsed while still being born.    I can't decide whether it's more like spring or more like the autumnal harvest festival.

Sue Lawes' willow ware world has disappeared from the front of the Creekside Centre only to re-emerge from the Creek at low tide.

Mysterious routes have been laid out with X-marks-the-spots on the pavements

In other places spots mark the X

 Reflections become piXelated

 Verse starts to appear on railings

And even the Faircharm Estate is getting a timely makeover - why else would they have chosen now to repaint it?  The autumn equinox?


And as a minor contribution to the general air of work in progress, many of the exhibitions have been added to the blog's calendar page, with the rest to be completed as DeptfordX draws nearer.

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  1. I too love the frisson of excitement and expectation around our streets at this time of year. Most frustrating that I've managed to double book myself this weekend and will be out of town - but hope to catch a few shows in the later half of the festival.