Monday, August 23, 2010

Red Butterflies on the wing

Crossfields' resident conservationist Nick dropped a line to Crosswhatfields:

If you see a red butterfly flying in Deptford and it lands on the ground and vanishes you may just have seen a Jersey Tiger moth. Look closely and you may see the forewings which have a chocolate background and cream stripes. The vivid red hind wings are hidden beneath. They were restricted in Britain to Jersey and the south coast but suddenly turned up in Forest Hill about 5 years ago and have spread since. They were first seen in Deptford on a barge 3 years ago and there have been several sightings of them this year already. On Crossfields they have been seen literally on Congers House and in the play area opposite the Creekside Centre.

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  1. Saw one today! See what you mean about appearing to vanish – while it ws flying there was lots of red, then it settled and the red was gone. Theres not as many about as there was with the Painted Lady last year (or was it the year before?)