Friday, August 13, 2010

Naming and Praising

I was just thinking as I bought my small tiger loaf in Greggs bakery in the High Street, that the young lass who works in there is always cheerful, friendly,efficient and looks you in the eye. She's one of the few people who makes shopping a real pleasure for me.  So I asked a fellow blogger if they had any favourite people they worked with or were served by in the High Street.  This is the reply I got:

Well definitely her! You mean the dark haired one who is always so cheerful?
I also enjoy chatting to Ralph in the grocers (Just4U)...
And I love the staff in Kim's.
But the Girl in Greggs should have songs written about her!

So please, if you can think of any others who deserve a little more recognition, or merit having songs written about them,  feel free to make sure we all know who*, or where they are.

*Pedants, of course, might point out that she hasn't been named here, but if you didn't know where she was, you do now.


  1. Percy Ingles' staff are also very friendly and efficient - is it something about bakers do you think? In fact it would be quicker for me to name the miserabilists on Deptford High Street, as I have to say that almost every business I frequent has friendly, chatty staff most of whom recognise and acknowledge me now. Although obviously not as the Dame...;-)!
    It took a long time to get the staff at Housewives C&C to crack a smile, as it did the couple who run the newsagent at the railwy station, but I persisted and by God I did it!

  2. Hmmm...the girl in Gregg's is also very beautiful. She obviously doesn't consume the rather fattening products she has to sell!

  3. Alvin, pattie-man. Someone should do an interview.

  4. The guy who runs Johnny's Hardware
    The lovely people in Peter & Joan's
    The handsome flower seller on the market!
    Terry in Terry's...
    The chap in the shoemenders near Selecta
    The main guy in Selecta...

    The most miserable is the bloke in the dry cleaners next to Iceland

  5. I don't know Alvin the pattie-man. Is that at Honeys Caribbean takeaway just up the road from Greggs?

  6. Market day tomorrow, lots of good shopping ideas.

  7. Ah mystery shopper, you need to work on Ozzie. Like everyone, he does have have his off days but once you've wooed him he will never desert you! Agree with all your other recommendations, although I've never been in the shoemenders next to Selecta.

    I often browse the flowers with ulterior motives ;-)

  8. Girls, I'm going to pop over tomorrow morning and warn the flower seller that he might have a busier day than usual. Then I might have a pastie for breakfast....

  9. He knows his flowers...
    And he has his girls to cover for him.

    Another handsome man is the French Connection surplus guy opp Kims. Unfortunately there's no point in anyone over a size 14 having a look, despite his business partner (?) trying to persuade you you'll look good in it...

  10. SandwichSmugglerSunday, August 15, 2010

    Think the owner of Cafe Selecta is a star - always jolly and very focused on making the perfect sandwich . . . .My colleague swears they do the best Liver and Onions in SouthEast London.

  11. I quite like the girls in the Train Carriage Cafe, they're usually very sweet, even if the service is slo-o-o-w...