Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bag it Bin it - but where?

In the time old tradition of useless signage (see Bikepest's post in June on Estate Signage), we now have the doggy poo sign that appeared last week – in this case, two on the path besides the common grass by Frankham and the roundabout.

Nothing wrong with asking people to pick up after their dogs, of course, but what do they do with the bag of poo? Where are the bins to dispose of it? A Frankham resident was told she could not use the block bin chambers – so where can she put it? Latest suggestion – the steps of the town hall.

Has anyone ever been fined or heard of someone being fined for these misdemeanours? There are areas on the estate that are clearly signed "No dogs" which many people take no notice of since there is no one to enforce the rules. Signs like these are no more than Polite Notices despite the threat of rather large fines.

I do like the doggy poo one though...just a shame a good idea is not backed up with some sort of disposal unit that makes the Bag It, Bin It instruction easy to follow up.


  1. How about the dog owner taking it home and putting it in their own bin?

  2. We don't have our own bins collected - we either use the chutes or use the bin chambers - and it will all end up in the same place anyway.

    Because I dog-sat a while ago, I did discover that there was a doggy bin on the edge of the grass in Ferranti Park. I didn't spot anything nearer than that though.

  3. The Frankham resident I spoke to said the nearest one was down at the new McMillan Park...
    It is strange she was told not to use the main bins when there are probably nappies put in them all the time.
    Guess cuts will mean there will be no doggy bins round here in the near future, unless they just haven't got round to it yet...

  4. This one has got to be closer - the reddish thing above the black car here (if this works),+United+Kingdom&ll=51.479288,-0.020728&spn=0.001954,0.005059&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=51.47934,-0.020519&panoid=em7SM-_O0vRpN7oTgFgw5A&cbp=12,290.7,,1,3.39

  5. Oh, and the council website simply tells dog owners to bin it, not to find the appropriate council-approved designated bin. Neither does the council provide a map, or details of their locations.

    While I welcome any dog-owners using the right bins, where they are provided, I suspect that the ''not in the bin chamber'' edict is just a bit of officiousness.

  6. @marmoset to clarify I meant putting it in your house bin, which you then empty into the chute (we do the same). If it's bagged then I can't see why this should be a problem. I am sure people empty their cat litter trays/hamster cages into the same bin.

  7. It doesn't matter that there are no bins - that's not the point. People should consider that before bringing dogs to the estate - Marmoset why on earth should people provide bins for your dog's poo? Do we come round your house and install a toilet for you for free? Take responsibility for your dog's waste please. Without a bin to put it in, yes. Just deal with it.