Thursday, April 16, 2015

How can we make Deptford a better place to live, work and play?

DNA is a small local group of people who have got together to create A Neighbourhood Plan for Deptford. The Neighbourhood Plan idea has grown out of the Localism Act and the DCLG (Dept of Communities and Local Government) funds the charity Locality to help and advise communities on how to create a plan and achieve other objectives – such as saving buildings or places as Assets of Community Value, or helping local campaigns and social action, or those who want to set up social enterprises. Have a look at the Locality website – it's hard to believe it's funded by this present government!

Locality are helping DNA (Deptford Neighbourhood Action) through the process of creating a plan, and the first thing they must do is identify a few things, such as: the area they want to cover, the existing organisations who can contribute, priorities for residents and businesses, and that (perhaps indefinable) thing, Deptford's identity. It's a huge task and they need your help and input! As the video shows, they simply can't do it without you.

Saturday 18th April, 3pm-5pm at The Albany
Locality will be there to explain how Neighbourhood Plans work and invite your ideas about what is important for Deptford. Everyone is welcome.
If you can't make it on Saturday afternoon, but want to contribute in the future or show your interest or support, you can register your interest here.
A Neighbourhood Plan, once complete, becomes a statutory document that the Council must take into consideration. DNA see it as an opportunity to give local people a voice and influence in Council decisions. As a lobby group, DNA will be able to access grants via Locality and start making some changes which you can have a say in.

Such a plan cannot block developments and it can't override any formally adopted strategic plans the local authority has in place. Even the Council itself overrides its own noble aims when faced with market forces or central government interference. A Neighbourhood Plan can't change everything, but it could change some things, and the Council will have to listen.

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