Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another Kent Wharf consultation

The proposed new development at Kent Wharf – next to the Laban on Creekside – has undergone some changes since their last presentation in July, and you can view an exhibition of these updates at the Laban on Monday 8th September between 4pm-8pm. Presumably this is still prior to Bellway Homes submitting its planning application, which they intended to do in September.

This should be of particular interest to residents of Finch and Congers House on Crossfields who will be most affected by the development. You can view the information which was presented in July here.

Update 8th September: 

BAD NEWS! Another 4 storeys added to the tower! Now it's 16 storeys...
The new changes are now available to view on their website.

Soon another 135 homes can enjoy the all night banging and HGV movements of Jones Catering – they won't be leaving until 2020. When they do – and Bellway Homes takes over the site – Finch, Congers and Farrer House residents can look forward to yet more construction works!


  1. Thanks for the information. I was wondering why they were having another public exhibition. I thought they were just being neighbourly. Hah! Not happy with this taller tower...Looks quite different from what was originally planned (as far as i remember)

  2. Brian Atrium HeightsFriday, September 12, 2014

    First we've heard of it! When was the so-called public consultation? This taller tower will completely block our front view and ruin our privacy.We will be objecting.

  3. We will post as soon as we hear the application has gone in, Brian!

  4. Has the application gone in yet? I also want to object!

  5. Anonymous, we checked the Lewisham Planning Portal yesterday and the application hasn't been submitted yet. Check for yourself at and type 'Creekside' into the search box. Check regularly!

  6. I've just submitted my objection, highlighting that this development is overblown for the footprint it's based on. Also that the 'Creekside townscape elevation' document submitted is very misleading as it's drawn to make the proposed structures look much lower than they actually will be and that the local infrastructure - roads, drains, doctor's surgery, schools, street parking, etc won't cope with the increased population.