Tuesday, April 8, 2014

21 years of urban change in Deptford

Has the Tide Turned? 'Regeneration' Then and Now
Friday 25th April, 3.30–8pm, Deptford Town Hall Council Chamber

It is almost 21 years since Deptford's most popular history book "Turning The Tide – A History of Everyday Deptford" was published, and this event hopes to explore what has happened in the intervening two decades.

The Centre for Urban and Community Research (CUCR) at Goldsmiths College would like to invite local activists, local organisations, academics, residents, and government officials to this free event where you can share stories of the “regeneration” of Deptford.

The publication coincided with the start of CUCR’s evaluation of the Deptford City Challenge programme which began the now seemingly endless initiatives to 'regenerate' our town (often with negligible benefits for the residents and increasing profits for developers).

The aim is to discuss the recent changes in Deptford, but also to think about the possible futures for the area. The programme includes a seminar on "the changing face of regeneration in London" with several speakers as well as Turning the Tide author Jess Steele (3.30-5.30pm); screenings, sound interventions & "creative responses" + refreshments (5.30-6pm); followed by workshops on subjects such as Arts & Culture, Housing, DIY Deptford and Convoys Wharf (6-8pm).

For more information and to register to take part, please click on the image below for contact details.


  1. Odd to hold it on a week day and at a time when most people are working. I don't think the event is intended for people who hold down jobs. I leave for work at 7:30am and I'm only just getting home at 8pm. It's not therefore going to have a fair and balanced representation of attendees if only unemployed and retired residents of Deptford can attend.

    1. Only the unemployed and retired? How about full time mothers, city workers, many of whom spend Friday evenings on the lash, all those drivers who jam up the roads making the rush hour early on a Friday afternoon, academics and students, the self-employed, people who've arranged their life-work balance for a degree of flexibility, people who work in Deptford outside the service sector, people who live in New Cross or Brockley?