Monday, March 3, 2014

High Street Tesco paint bombed

Last Friday evening we popped in Deptford High Street's Tesco Express for a bottle of vino – just after the entrance had been attacked with a pot of red paint.

The manager said it had been done by a shoplifter who'd been caught earlier and had gone away and come back with the pot of paint. By Saturday, the same story had spread up the high street.

But it seemed a rather unlikely explanation to us (what seasoned shoplifter would go to so much trouble?), especially when we heard on Saturday evening from a pal who'd just seen a Tesco cash point in the Oval covered with white paint.

Perhaps the work of an activist, then? Yesterday we got an email from Greenpeace, who have begun a campaign (see the petition link below) targeting Tesco for selling a brand of tuna called Oriental and Pacific. Their tuna is fished with destructive methods that kills turtles, sharks and rays alongside the tuna. Last night, Channel 4's "Fish Fight" was going to expose and confront Tesco about selling the dodgy tuna.

We're not suggesting Greenpeace activists are going round throwing paint at Tesco, but it's surely worth linking the two events together! 

Petition: Tell Tesco to pull Oriental and Pacific off their shelves

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