Monday, November 12, 2012

Assembly Vote at Deptford Lounge TODAY!

Tuesday 13 November 
6.45-9pm Deptford Lounge

Update 10pm: 19 great projects were in the mix, and 180 people came to vote – by awarding each project a score on a scale of 0-5. Voting closed at 8pm, votes were counted and the results were announced just before 9pm. Nine projects were awarded funding. Unfortunately Crossfields was unsuccessful this time, although TRA Chair Tim had brought along a table-top ping pong table which kept some of the children at the assembly happily occupied for the last hour of the meeting whilst the votes were added up.

The top scorers were Deptford & New Cross Free Film Festival. They hope to stage their next festival in April 2013 and would like to stage an outdoor screening on Crossfields. We'd have to organise it but they would help with equipment and film licensing...So ideas for your favourite film, please!

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  1. Oh Goodie! That they will like to stage an outdoor screening on crossfields. Sorry that the PingPong plan wont happen but there is always next year!

    Something fun - Ghostbuster? or Mary Poppins? where parent and kids can come along and watch together! :)