Friday, October 12, 2012

Parking Permits and Sheds

Tenant Liaison Officer Kerrie Taylor reported at Crossfields TRA meeting on 27 September that only 47 people returned the survey on Parking Permits. 15 were in favour (7 of whom had reservations about the financial impact), but 32 were opposed. Some were not car owners but were concerned about the implications for their visitors and carers, and the dubious practices of the private contractors employed to police the permits. A letter will be sent out to confirm that the Permit Scheme will not go ahead.

However, since residents attending the meeting from Frankham House claimed to have a greater problem than the rest of the estate due to their proximity to the public car park in Frankham Street where non-residents are avoiding parking fees by using the Frankham House courtyard, it was agreed that a new survey be sent out again to canvas their block only.

Kerrie hinted that there may soon be changes to Lewisham's resident parking policy. Meanwhile, the estate's parking areas will continue to be used by non-residents (local businesses, shoppers and Wavelengths users) wishing to avoid parking fees elsewhere, despite signs requesting them not to.

Kerrie also reported on her attempt to overhaul the management of the estate's 'pramsheds'. Administration of the sheds lapsed when Lewisham Homes took over from the council. An informal arrangement has grown over time in which some people have taken over more than one shed without paying any rent, whilst one or two have been charged rent for a shed they do not have. Locks have been changed and any keys the rent office may have held have been lost long ago.

Kerrie said that her office had received a huge number of enquiries as a result of putting up notices on the shed doors. There were now 213 on a waiting list – obviously more than there are sheds available. She has prepared a report which has to go to a budget meeting on 15th October, where it will be determined whether there are sufficient funds to repair sheds where needed, and to implement a new lettings scheme. There will only be one shed per flat available to those on the waiting list, and those allotted must sign a license agreement to pay the requisite peppercorn rental.

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