Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pimp my ride!

As the second week of Deptford X gets under way, we managed to get along to Bearspace to see a show by one of the artists invited by the curators Hew Locke & Indra Khanna – Dzine. His piece has only just been installed (it was delayed by customs), and is accompanied by a wall piece and a video. Dzine has created a sculpture which takes its inspiration from the 'Szwaybar' custom-made low-riding bicycles of the youth of Curacao, though this life-size bike is embellished with 24-carat gold leaf, crystals and jewels.

You can see the Curacao boys riding their bikes in the video, displaying the same flashy moves as any young lad round here might show off on his bike, though going forwards whilst appearing to go sideways is a new one on us (maybe just showing our age or gender). All without helmets of course. Read more about Dzine on the Deptford X website.

This show just happens to co-incide with the triumphs of golden boy Bradley Wiggins and team GB – whose cycling techniques, of course, are somewhat different. Blingtastic.

More Deptford X:

There's a guided walk on Saturday starting at 2pm at Bearspace Gallery that will cover the fringe artists in the festival (pay what you can) or why not try a cycling tour (£10).

Transpontine has highlighted an event on Saturday 5 August (starts 11am) which sounds interesting: a Three-sided football tournament at Fordham Park (three teams playing on an hexagonal pitch, winners are who concede the least goals).

Caroline's Miscellany posted last Sunday on what she had managed to see on the first weekend (all of which are still on show).

We've also had good reports (though of course tastes do differ) of shows at St Paul's Church, Blank Promiscuity at St Paul's House on the high street, Doug Jones at 455 New Cross Road, David Mach's fire-breathing sculpture Hell Bent on Blackheath, and that's just a tiny handful...A mind blowing experience can be had lying down on the floor at Divus Gallery in Resolution Way watching James Holland's 30 minute film The White Queen (which is projected on the ceiling)...

Close to home on Creekside, don't forget Faircharm Fair, Creekside Artists' designer-makers indoor market (less pricey than Cockpit Arts) – lots of great jewellery and hand-crafted items – Saturday & Sunday 4 & 5 August, 11am - 6am. Have a look on the map for more stuff to see on Creekside and further afield.

David Mach's Hell Bent at Lewisham's Big Screen site on Blackheath.

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