Friday, February 24, 2012

Lunch music at Utrophia

Saturday 25th February 1.30pm
Charles Hayward 
"What's your problem, pal?"
Drums, songs, spoken word, gesture
Utrophia Project Space
120 Deptford High Sreet

Utrophia have been running 'Lunch Music' on Saturdays for quite a while now. Check out the programme at their Extra Bones website. Crossfields resident and international superstar Charles Hayward plays tomorrow at 1.30pm.

Charles' last outing at Utrophia was on 11th December 2011, during a weekend of events that formed part of the exhibition Deptford Soil. Drumtrophia featured eight drummers playing together, riffing off each other and weaving rhythm and sound throughout the project space for a mesmerising two hours.

Drummers included (clockwise round the room and top to bottom in the pictures below): Charles Hayward, Arnold Lane, Ashleigh Marsh, Kit Mackintosh, Rik Irvine, David Aylward, Merlin Hayward and Matt Rigsby Smith.

Photos: Sue Lawes

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  1. Charles - it was a great day - and these photos are great.
    How comes though that clicking on my photo (Rik here) brings up a larger version of David's photo - as does cliscking on David's photo. Are you worried people might be put off by my ugly mug being enlarged?