Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Consultation #1: Creekside Conservation Area

Crossfields residents may by now have received a document briefly outlining the proposal for the Creekside Conservation Area with an accompanying questionnaire. A larger and more detailed Appraisal document is available to download here, and if you didn't get the letter and questionnaire or have mistakenly lined the budgie cage with it, you can find it again here.

You can also take part in the consultation by going online at Lewisham's website here, or go straight to the online questionnaire here. Deadline for comments is 27th January 2012.

Before the deadline, the council intend to hold a public consultation event in the new year.
Saturday 7 January 
Creekside Discovery Centre

Ideally, there will be someone from Lewisham Homes present at this event to explain the implications to Crossfields residents.


  1. Why isn't Frankham House included? It seems rather arbitrary to draw a line up the centre of Deptford church st.

  2. I agree, Anon. Perhaps because they're part of the council's plan to redevelop the old Tidemill School grounds. See and look at the document "The future of Deptford town centre - part 1" or indeed, "Part 2". That will give you an idea of why Frankham has not been "saved".

  3. I think any response to this must be to include not only Frankham House, but everything up to the limit of Lewisham's boundary, including the Nature Park and those lovely buildings on the Laban.
    Surely clauses can be introduced to allow the demolishing of the awful Jones building among others on the wharf north of the railway. There must be something saved at least of the wharves there if not the buildings. I'm not that keen on the keeping of Faircharm but I wouldn't want to see anything built there that was too high.

    The buildings on the corner opposite APT would be great if they were maintained but it's obvious their landlord doesn't give a shit. Would a Conservation Order make him? I doubt it. Lewisham can't even maintain the high street conservation area. Oh well.