Friday, September 16, 2011

London Open House

It's London Open House this weekend 17 & 18 September. There is so much going on (770 venues) that trying to find things on the website is quite a daunting prospect. Narrowing the search down to Lewisham produces a list of 25 venues in the borough. See here, or pop over to the Deptford Dame who has highlighted a few. There are another 26 venues/tours in Greenwich.

We were quite intrigued by the tour of Deptford Town Centre landscapes – the bumpf says of the Deptford Market revamp: "In the space of a few months market trade is up with locals now enjoying an enhanced and welcoming space including strategically placed seating, lighting and tree planting." Not a word about the agonisingly long time it took, the amount of trade stall holders lost during that time, how the brand new paving is now as dirty as it was before, or how the stall holders are using the space contrary to how the designers envisaged...Still, the two parks are now very very nice – for that we may be glad!

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