Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Deptford Update

Please note that the Thames Tunnel meeting this evening is cancelled.

3.30pm: Meanwhile, rumours that the rioters were coming back to the high street today at 1pm led to the police asking shopkeepers who had bothered to open today to pull down their shutters. Two or three pairs of PCs patrolled the street whilst a police van drove slowly up and down. The rumour was the rioters were coming down from Bermondsey. People were hanging about waiting, and a couple of shops continued to trade (obviously prepared to defend their property). A couple of kids on bikes lazily entered the street at around 2pm. Nothing happened. Later on the street was quiet and the police had left.

However, that rumour about Wavelengths that was doing the rounds yesterday had meanwhile turned to reality. We have been told that around 2pm whilst the high street waited for the next onslaught, a bunch of kids swarmed into Wavelengths and proceeded to piss in the pool.

Transpontine has written up his stroll round the neighbourhood today and ends with a story from The Times in 1886 about some rumoured Deptford riots.

Meanwhile, amidst the lockdown, we hear that around 40 people joined this evening in the high street at around 8.30pm for an informal "We Love Deptford High Street" gathering (organised by those folk from Socialcentre Plus)...

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