Saturday, April 23, 2011

'Get Involved' in more broken promises and waste more time and money

The April 2011 edition of 'Home' magazine popped through the letterbox today. Page 4 has details of the latest round of the Community Improvement Competitive Fun – an opportunity for groups and individuals to apply for a small amount of funding to contribute to improvements in the local community, environment and safety. Expressions of interest are invited from Lewisham Homes residents by 27 May 2011 – contact the Community Involvement Team on 020 8613 7660 or email

Last year, two applications from Crossfields residents were among the winning bids. Crossfields Green Spaces applied for funding to give everyone who wants one a window box kit (more details in next post), whilst resident JP got the go ahead to increase the number of litter bins around the estate, particularly in the Nature Park area.

However, JP has just copied Crosswhatfields into a recent email he has sent to the Community Involvement Team which indicates that not all successful applications

Subject: 'Get Involved' in more broken promises and waste more time and money...

"I write in reply to an email from your office asking for 'ideas' for local projects. About a year ago, in response to a previous 'Get Invoved' initiative, a suggestion that I had made for provision of waste bins in the Bronze Street Nature Park 'won' funds for completion and over the next few months, a string of phone calls, correspondence (most of which I retain) and a visit for siting purposes ensued. The visitor was one Will Sharp, who now works in another section, or so I was told when I phoned to say that the promised work had not been completed.  A subsequent phone call got yet another promise to call back that was not kept.

"Don't you feel these initiatives are in danger of being ridiculed if nothing develops except a string of paperwork and wasted effort? Further, if anyone there has the inclination to check, could I be told what happened to the bins?  The summer has arrived early and already builders from the nearby site in Creek Road, workers from adjacent light industry and residents from surrounding estates are lunching here and some are leaving garbage. There are no waste bins here or in next door's Ferranti Children's Playground, which is also often strewn with litter.

"What's really going on down there in Holbeach House? I think Council Tax payers deserve to be told, don't you?"

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