Sunday, November 7, 2010


I feel that I ought to be writing something incisive about the future of local primary schools but I need to allow myself to stand back and take a few philosophical deep breaths. 

So meanwhile, here's something that had never struck me before.  I went up to the display on Blackheath last night, took a few photos, but it was only when I got back to the quiet of my flat that I realised quite how floral fireworks are.  Half a year from spring and in a carnivalesque inversion, the vibrant daytime displays of spring are recreated against bleaker winter skies.  Is it just me who sees something vernal?

And here's a couple of accidents...


  1. There were so many photographers up there last night I didnt bother to take any pictures, guess you were one of those. Thanks. Did you notice there wasn't any of the usual awful music? Something to be said for a restricted budget I reckon.

  2. PS: Had to look up 'vernal'

  3. Yes, there were hundreds of cameras on show on Saturday night, many of them on tripods and there will be lots of videos uploaded onto blogs (Blackheath Bugle's done a round up - link up on the left.) So I contented myself with the floral impression and let the photographers who know what they're doing to get on with what they do best.

    And yes, the music did dominate last year's show - this year it didn't try to rival the fireworks.