Saturday, May 1, 2010

Body found on Crossfields

The body of a vagrant was found last Saturday, 24 April on the borders of the estate.  He was thought to have died approximately 2 weeks earlier.  His corpse was discovered by lads who were building up the jumps on their BMX course on the strip of waste land  that runs alongside Deptford Church Street to the south of Cremer House.  They had noticed that the shelter where the vagrant, believed to be Polish, had been living had collapsed.  It was when they went over to investigate that they uncovered the body.

It's a very disquieting thought that a body can lie undetected outdoors for so long and so close to our own doorsteps. All in all, a miserable death to follow a miserable life - no home, no friends or family - I simply hope that he didn't suffer a painful death.  It seems unfair that someone suffer night and day through such a cold winter and then die when the weather gets milder.  RIP.

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