Monday, March 13, 2017

Ha'Penny Hatch Path Threat

Crossfields residents who use the Ha’Penny Hatch Bridge to Greenwich may know that our old friends at Thames Tideway – builders of the £4.2bn super sewer folly – plan to divert the approach to the bridge from the Greenwich side onto a path close to the railway arches.

With the building work now underway it is plain to see that the new route will be a fraction of the width of the old, and surrounded by high concrete walls and sound proofing hoardings.  It seems likely to be deeply unpleasant and too narrow to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians.  Which is, of course, quite a problem when it is in fact an official cycle route (Quietway 1).  

Local campaigners have urged residents to complain to Tideway NOW – before it is too late – to widen the route. Go and take a look for yourselves and email with your views.

UPDATE 14/03/17: STOP THIS !!!! WORK CONTINUES ON RAPE ALLEY !!! This is for 5 years!!!

Email/tweet/message TfL, Tideway and Royal Borough of Greenwich about Rape Alley!!!

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