Friday, March 10, 2017

Find out what's happening with the old Tidemill school redevelopment this Saturday

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The group objecting to the Council's plans for the old Tidemill school site will be opening the old Tidemill garden tomorrow (entrance via Reginald Road) between 11am–3pm. At the same time, they'll also be at Deptford Lounge where you can find out what's been happening with the site since the planning application was deferred last September.  

The 'deferral' means the plans are merely on hold while the developer and the Council clarify a few things – such as the pitiful amount of affordable housing on offer, and the reasons behind demolishing 30 homes, as well as the beautiful old school nature garden in its entirety. These questions have still not been answered by the Council or its development partners, but the Council is keen to proceed regardless.

If you're out shopping, pop by the Lounge and hear what's still at stake and under threat, how it could affect YOU as a local resident and how you can and should have a say in what happens.

If you're a flat dweller who fancies doing a bit of gardening, the Old Tidemill Garden is a great place to do it now the days are getting warmer! Meet some like-minded green-fingered people who love Deptford's trees and green spaces. Kids welcome, of course!

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