Monday, February 23, 2015

Crossfields residents vigilant after a speight of burglaries

Opportunistic thieves have been taking advantage of lax security on scaffolding at Crossfields while Major Works take place. Although the scaffolding is alarmed at night, it is thought access may have been gained in at least four cases during the day as a result of workers not securing ladders when taking long tea breaks.

Lewisham Homes and MITIE have responded with a distinct lack of urgency, especially with regard to measures that can be put into action on site. No warning letters have yet gone out.

Advice on how to protect your home can be found on the Met's Operation Bumblebee pages but much of it is irrelevant. Most people have strong locks on their front doors; it is windows that are vulnerable, so please:

– Keep your windows closed
– Keep your curtains/blinds closed
– Leave some lights on if you are going to get home after dark (or set a timer)

Meanwhile the Safer Neighbourhood team don't know they have happened and the local Met are boasting on Twitter "only one reported burgary in the last 7 days...extra patrols have had a positive effect!!".

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