Friday, August 15, 2014

Yet another new drinking hole: Deptford Twinkle

Some enterprising souls are opening a pop-up bar today at the new Paynes & Borthwick development down on the river (Borthwick St). Named after the nearby park, it will be open this weekend and next (till 24th August) and serve cocktails, Brockley Brewery beer and "south east London charm".

It'll be open from 5pm-10.30pm Friday and 2pm-10.30pm on Saturday & Sunday, with a Happy Hour at 5pm-7pm every day. It's only temporary because this part of the building has now been sold to a Chinese restaurant owner.

As the Deptford Dame says in her recent post, best to dress warmly if you're planning to 'pop' down. More info on the Deptford Twinkle Facebook page.

And hopefully, the developer has mended the glass door which was shattered three weeks ago by some local scallywags who found some handy stones for target practice...




  1. It is a lovely idea and a great site, but watch out for the kids with the rocks- when they attack people they have no fear of anything and they mean to hurt.. Hopefully the pop-up people have the police on their side or have already plied the kids with a cocktail to tame their tendency to destroy whatever fun can be had. Good luck. Remember that Christopher Marlowe was murdered in a house where Twinkle park now sits! Edgy it may be, safe it is definitely not.

  2. I'm personally not interested in this week's trendy Twink but would love to know how one can give you info pertaining to this site, sorry my mistake, estate.

  3. Write to crosswhatfields(at)gmail(dot)com - as it says in 'about us' when the site is viewed on the desktop or webview. Send us something about the estate please do!

  4. I went yesterday. Good atmosphere with everyone talking to each other. Hope something similar opens on a permanent basis

    1. I went the first weekend and really enjoyed it, mainly because of the company I was in, the rather good Brockley Golden on draft, and the view, which is a particular one we have all been denied for such a long time (well forever really). But as Deptford long termers we didn't really mix with the other attendees as they all seemed a bit Hooray Henry, and we couldn't help noticing there are still a few empty flats to sell, which is no doubt why the owners were happy to let everyone use the disabled loo in the foyer of the new building nearby.