Friday, August 1, 2014

Home Wanted for small friendly dog!

John writes: "Do you know of anybody who could offer a home to a sweet little terrier bitch? She has a friendly nature and seems to get on with other dogs and people of all ages. She is just over two years old and has been neutered.

Her present owner has just got a new job that will mean leaving the dog alone for long periods and with limited exercise. The dog is about the size of a standard Yorkie (6 kilos appx) but lighter in colour.

At present living on Crossfields, Deptford, I’m sure she would like a garden or at least an owner who would take her for regular walks. If you can help, please phone John on 020 8305 8880. Thank you."


  1. I hope it's the dog and not the owner that's a "happy little bitch"...

  2. Thanks, Anon! We've amended John's message to avoid misunderstanding!

  3. My mum is retired and wants a dog to spend everyday with walk and fuss, and as a great companion. Please call if you haven't found a home for her yet. 01268 460194

    1. So sorry, Anon, she has already found a home!