Friday, January 31, 2014

Temporary lane closures on Deptford Church Street this February + Thames Water demo

On Thursday morning, Crossfields residents received a letter from Thames Water announcing lane closures on Deptford Church Street planned to start on February 10th and go on for two weeks. They want to dig a trench on the western side of the dual carriageway in order "to locate underground services in both the footway and highway."

Only Crossfields residents have received this letter so far. Those who live on or near the high street (many of whom attended the demonstration yesterday) have not been informed yet, if they ever are.

A map accompanied the letter which showed where the road would be dug up. It indicated that the work would happen in two phases over the two week period, but there was no information on how the traffic phasing would work, at what point the lanes would be closed, nor how it would affect the buses and bus stops.

So we called them (0800 0721 086) to find out more. It turns out it is not quite as bad as feared – certainly not as bad as it will be if they get permission for this site. Only one lane on the western side will be closed (rather than the two lane closures proposed for 2017-2020). However, the bus stop next to Wavelengths will be withdrawn. Other bus stops will remain in operation.

We were also told that two weeks was the maximum time the work would take and it may finish sooner. Since the information given has been rather inadequate, we've drawn up a quick map to show the two phases of lane closures as it was explained to us on the phone (click to enlarge).

Deptford residents meet the Planning Inspectorate on Crossfields Green

A good turn out of hardy locals yesterday – some with their dogs! – at Crossfields Green. They had come to meet the Planning Inspectors charged with making the decision on all the proposed Thames Tunnel sites in London. The Inspectors, accompanied by two Thames Water representatives and a Lewisham Council planner, had been walking around the area to acquaint themselves with the site's environs before they arrived back at the green to face the angry and very vocal residents.

Leading the Inspectorate's team, a Ms Bessell told the campaigners that they were here to look at the site, and not to 'receive representations'. "People can do that at next Wednesday's Open Floor Hearing at Deptford Lounge", she said. But that didn't stop the complaints. One very upset Crossfields resident cried "You lot want to ruin our old age! You don't give a monkeys about people and kids!" The team took a verbal battering for almost fifteen minutes before moving on to look at the businesses on Crossfields Street, the bus stops on Deptford Church Street, and St Paul's Church.

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