Friday, January 10, 2014

Thames Tunnel campaign update and diary dates – how it affects Crossfields!

This week four Crossfields residents took part in the pollution testing organised by Don't Dump on Deptford's Heart (see here). The aim of this 'citizen science' project is to show that there are already very high levels of pollution from traffic on Deptford Church Street – and therefore the proposal to site a Thames Tunnel worksite on Deptford Church Street and close two lanes of the road for three years whilst construction takes place would be seriously detrimental to local residents.

The proposal to partially close Deptford Church Street from 2017-2020 (in which bus stops will also be moved and bus times slow down) is all the more insane since there will also be an influx of heavy construction traffic not just from the proposed Thames Tunnel site next to St Paul's Church, but also from the redevelopment of Faircharm Trading Estate on Creekside, and potentially from the redevelopment of Convoys Wharf and other development sites.

Crossfields residents will also suffer on all sides from the noise, vibration and dust of the Thames Tunnel works, since construction work will also be taking place at Greenwich Pumping Station. A tunnel linking the two sites will be bored under the Farrer House lawn (very close to the block – see the map here). There will also be two primary schools affected – St Joseph's and Tidemill.

The campaign needs your support! Between now and the end of February is a critical time. Here are some ways you can give a little of your time to show your objection to our road being partially closed for three years (among other things!):

Sign the petition
• Join the mailing list by emailing
• Come to a campaign meeting: Tuesday 21 January, 7pm at the Pink Palace
• Come to the 'Site Visit' (see below): Thursday 30 January, 2pm at Crossfields Green (next to the church)
• Come to the 'Open Hearing' (see below): Wednesday 5 February, 8.30pm at Deptford Lounge

Thursday 30 January, 2pm at Crossfields Green
The government Planning Inspectors are presently considering the Thames Tunnel proposals and have scheduled a visit to the Deptford Church Street site. Unfortunately this is possibly the quietest time of the day at the quietest time of the year for traffic, so we need to let them know our objections in other ways – vocally, and by demonstrating present and potential uses of the site. If you own a dog, bring your pooch along for a Big Dog Walk at 2pm!

Wednesday 5 February, 8.30pm at Deptford Lounge
Anyone can come to this and have their say, but you must register (whether you want to speak or not) between 8pm and 8.30pm. Please come to this meeting to show your support. When asked to speak you can simply say you support what has previously been said.

Written representations
This takes a bit more time and thought, but if you have objections and have not previously written into Thames Tunnel, you have until 13th January to add your "evidence" for the Planning Inspectors. Write to  You can read what other people have written here (Don't Dump on Deptford's Heart), here (Joan Ruddock), here and here (Crossfields residents), here (Lewisham Council), here (local resident).

Also see:

Over 50 diffusion tubes have been placed in and around Deptford Church Street, Creek Road and Deptford Broadway. They will stay up for a month then be submitted to a lab for the results.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Looks like we're all doomed unless we all fight.